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33) WhitestPantsu  Male
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1-2-2018 08:24 PM Write a comment

Was very kind and took the time to aid and explain the package that was being provided and the info needed to get the transaction done.Went quick and got what I bought.Nothing went wrong and would buy from him again.
32) Cycle Green 
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12-25-2017 07:15 PM Write a comment

Good service, was very fast, seller is very polite and nice.
31) siu  Male
us Location
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12-18-2017 04:44 PM Write a comment

very quick, very friendly.

highly recommend the service at a great price for someone that doesn't have time to commit to leveling in this PSO!!
30) random pso player 
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12-17-2017 01:30 PM Write a comment

bought 25 meseta in pso2 from him, quick smooth transaction with a friendly face!
29) Drossy 
IP logged
6-29-2016 04:25 PM Write a comment

Very reputable and safe. I've used his services on other sites for almost a year now. Never been scammed and I always went first.
28) Jay  Male
San Diego Location
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5-12-2016 08:34 PM Write a comment

Sick stuff man. Got super good results and in such little time. He actually got it done quicker than what the website said. Thanks a bunch bro!
27) Shane 
United States Location
IP logged Skype
5-5-2016 08:38 PM Write a comment

Tradezomg provide a very professional and prompt service. I have to say it has been the most pleasant and truly the best wow service i have ever purchased. I highly recommend you give him a try as we will not let you down.
26) hi2u 
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5-2-2016 03:10 PM Write a comment

Fast service, good prices, no scams - will do business again!
25) Tradezomg 
Internet Location
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5-2-2016 02:42 AM Write a comment

Thank you all for your rep, appreciation, and business! I can't thank you enough and I hope to continue to see you guys come back to me like you have been! It has been a pleasure serving you guys!
24) Coop 
IP logged
5-1-2016 09:19 PM Write a comment

Very legit guy, smooth to deal with. Fast in responding always.
23) Dartex 
IP logged
5-1-2016 09:14 PM Write a comment

Great guy! Smooth deal.
22) Adam  Male
IP logged Skype
4-29-2016 12:05 PM Write a comment

Fast service, always around and willing to answer questions. A++++ service and the cheapest around
21) Dudedafool  Male
AZ Location
IP logged Skype
4-21-2016 09:47 PM Write a comment

Quick and smooth dealer. A++ trader, highly recommend.
20) IceTea  Male
IP logged
4-20-2016 04:25 PM Write a comment

Bought 30day wow game time fast and friendly A+ service
19) Level Like a Pro  Male
IP logged Skype
4-10-2016 04:10 AM Write a comment

Fast and easy transaction, everything went very smooth.
18) Matt 
IP logged
4-9-2016 10:58 AM Write a comment

Amazing service well use again!
17) Snorlax 
IP logged
4-8-2016 11:18 PM Write a comment

Smooth Transacation
16) Jonny farkas 
IP logged
4-3-2016 06:56 PM Write a comment

Got my WoW token fast and easy!! Thank you very much!
15) DatBoss (Again) 
IP logged
3-6-2016 03:33 PM Write a comment

Another great wow services again and if you still don't trust this #@*%!ing guy because your wild instict of either scammer or whatever here, my god dam Skype info and you can come approach to me in voice or message.(No bullshit)
14) Einar 
Finland Location
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3-6-2016 03:26 PM Write a comment

Good seller, trustworthy and friendly
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